What are Golden Voice Society’s current initiatives?

Our current initiatives are the Asian Hate Crime Tracker, Missing Grandma Project, and Business Improvement Initiative (Lock Exchange Program/Security Surveillance Program). You can find more information on each of these initiatives here.

Our main focus at GVS are direct action initiatives. What is “direct action”?

We want to direct our funding towards tangible, scalable goals. If we fundraise $1 million dollars, we want to know where that $1 million goes: security cameras, dementia bracelets, new capabilities for the Asian Hate Crime Tracker, projects that make a difference we can see, and an impact we can feel.

Why is the Asian Hate Crime Tracker (AHCT) crowdsourced?

There currently is no single platform that tracks attacks on Asians to the specificity and detail we need. That is why we created the AHCT. We do not just plot the incidents in an interactive map, but also catalog each one on the map with a sister site that documents the incident summary, photos, videos, and any updates and developing news on the case. The sheer volume of how many Asians are victimized every day makes accumulating data from any single source nearly impossible. We as an organization cannot be everywhere at once, but we as the Asian community can be.

How was the Missing Grandma Project started?

One of the unfortunate realities faced in many Asian communities is that our elderly members, especially those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, may wander and go missing. The language barrier and mental decline makes it difficult to properly identify and reunite the missing elder even when they are found. These difficulties lead to delays in bringing our elders home.

Inspired by the story of one of our own missing grandma’s, the Missing Grandma Project aims to bridge two of the key difficulties: recognition and identification. The Missing Grandma Project provides stainless steel bracelets that bear a medical alert logo in addition to being engraved with key identification details. This not only expedites the recognition that the bracelet wearer has a medical condition, but the information given to dispatch can save first responders critical time in returning the elderly home.

How can I become a volunteer?

We would love to have you be a part of our volunteer team! To become a volunteer, please visit our volunteer page and fill out the form with your name and contact information. A team representative will reach out to you with next steps and our current volunteer opportunities.

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